The End of Forced Organ Harvesting is Near

There is a petition to the UN Human Rights High Commissioner to call for an immediate end of forced organ harvesting fromFaloun Gong practitioners in China. Although the People’s Republic of China (PRC) performs the second-highest number of organ transplants per country per year, there is (as yet)no existing sufficient public organ donation program or organ distribution system in China to support this, nor does this take into account the cultural aversion the Chinese population has to donation. So where are these organs coming from?Back in the 1980’s, organs were harvested in China from executed prisoners, which itself can be criminal: the practice of sourcing organs from non-consenting prisoners is a violation of medical ethics and has been condemned by international medical organizations such as the WMA, TTS and the transplant community.

The rise in organ transplants today is believed to be from the practitioners of Falun Gong, who are reportedly being killed for the harvesting of their organs. Falun Gong is a practise of slow moving meditation exercises which belong to a Chinese tradition of such disciplines known as qigong. Rather similar to yoga, or t’ai chi, the movements are practiced in order to promote tranquility and harmony within the body. Falun Gong also has a spiritual philosophy based upon three principles: Truthfulness, Kindness and Tolerance. It encourages those who practice it to be more honest and considerate. The only reason these people have been targeted – today they are the largest group of prisoners of conscience in China – is because Falun Gong is the most popular form of qigong, making them a “threat” to the dominant Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The flyer gives examples of prisoners being beaten so regularly during detention that they no longer have teeth; their legs are fractured beyond repair; they have terrible breathing difficulties due to the amount of repeated electric baton strikes and shocks they have been forced to endure. Bodies are often cremated by the police without the family’s consent in order to destroy the evidence. Gao Rongong, for example, was disfigured and tortured to death at the age of 36. She died in custody after enduring two years of abuse, incarceration, brainwashing and torture, all because she believed in the wrong faith.

The former Canadian Secretary of State, David Kilgour, concluded an in-depth report on which he quotes:

“We believe that there has been and continues today to be large scale organ seizures from unwilling Falun Gong practitioners”.

European Parliament Vice-President Edward McMillan-Scott agrees with him, calling as he has done in a letter to the head of the UN for a Genocide investigation:

“More than 40,000 additional unexplained transplants have been recorded recently in China since 2001. Although using body parts from executed prisoners has been routine in China, many believe, as I do, that live Falun Gong prisoners are quarried for their body parts.”

There are some terrible things going on in our world today, and unfortunately this story is only one of them. However, the only way we can even hope to combat this mentality is to raise awareness of it: so please spread this story. If you have a few minutes to spare, please sign the petition. There are only so many problems we are able to fix, but hopefully, by leading in kind, we can be the example we hope to read about in tomorrow’s papers instead of the passersby who watched yesterday’s headlines unfold.



2 thoughts on “The End of Forced Organ Harvesting is Near”

  1. Good report May I ask why you would say The End of Organ harvesting is near? How can it be when but handful of extraordinary men are willing to speak out about this and the rest of worlds leaders ie, the UN ,Human rights organisations and the Chinese regime ignores this crime?

  2. Falun Gong spread this thing for their immigration rumour, that is it.
    China haters adapted it with out any researching and solid evidence.
    Dumb west, deserve to fall.

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