Breaking News: Rape (and Jennifer Lawrence) Still Isn’t Funny

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence has gotten away with saying a lot of truly tasteless, disgusting things in the past, but I think it’s time she takes a back seat and starts to think before she opens her mouth.

At an industry party in Cannes earlier this week, Lawrence further shoved her own foot down her throat when she publicly made a rape joke when she apparently “thought she wasn’t being listened to.”

(Because while at a crowded industry party, during the Cannes Film Festival, you should definitely expect that as a celebrity, you’re going to fly under the radar. Right.)

Across a crowded room of people, Lawrence screamed to grab the attention of director Alfonso Cuarón, known for his work on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and recently, Gravity. After reaching him, what does she say first?

“I broke out my rape scream for you!”

Assuming Lawrence has been fortunate enough to have never been threatened with sexual assault, her ease and flippancy in saying such a crude statement is sickening. Put aside the fact that she was in public, at a formal event hosted by Armani and Vanity Fair, the fact that she had the gall to say it is the most deplorable fact of all.


To trivialize rape in such a careless and public way is not the message Lawrence should be sending. Too often she’s been quoted concerned about her “young fans” that she wants to look up to her, but what about her admirers who have unfortunately experienced sexual assault? Did she think about some of her fans who were too afraid to scream, or whose screams weren’t heard, when she said that?

I’ve really tried to give Lawrence a chance, but her irresponsibility as a public figure has turned me off from her one time too many. With all of the awareness there is in this world promoting anti-rape campaigns and the ramifications of rape culture (Take Back The Night, 1 is 2 Many Campaign), she has no excuse to tote ignorance at 23 years old. In 2014, being casual about sexual assault is not the “cool” thing to do. Joking about rape doesn’t make you “not like other girls.” There’s no special snowflake badge for being outside a societal norm for the sake of a joke. There’s nothing funny or cute or quirky about her behavior, and personally I’m tired of her angelic status in pop culture.

We need to start to hold our celebrities accountable for their actions, especially the ones of our generation. If enough of us are standing up for what’s right, we can keep being the change to rape culture that is already taking place.

7 thoughts on “Breaking News: Rape (and Jennifer Lawrence) Still Isn’t Funny”

  1. Why do you even know who this woman is? I had no clue, still don’t. What the hell did she do that got your attention in the first place? Maybe you need new news sources.

    1. You may not know who she is, but Jennifer Lawrence is extremely popular and millions literally IDOLIZE her. This is certainly not the first distasteful thing that she’s said, but people still think that she’s a good role model. It’s important to call her out on this so that other people won’t buy into her crap.

      1. Well, calling people out is important. I went and looked – I’ve not seen even one of the films she’s been in. People watch a lot of crap!

    2. She’s really well known and has been in a good handful of films in the last year or so. If you google “Jennifer Lawrence Rape Joke” tons of credible news sources also comment on this. This was a very public, high end party she attended. There were more than likely to have been cameras and journalists sent out to cover this event.

      After being in that business for as long as she has, she should know better than to say something like that in public and then not even bother to apologize afterward.

  2. I got to say if anything her joke was bringing attention to rape not making light of it. If she has a rape scream then she has worried about being raped enough that she has practiced a scream.

    I am not even a fan of hers. I feel like you are getting mad about the wrongs thing. Turning your anger on the wrong people.

    1. I’d honestly agree with you if she wasn’t so known to having saying things of similar, rather tactless nature in the past. As a 23 year old woman in 2014 with more than enough ample access to the internet and social media, she should know better.

      It’s just something you shouldn’t yell in public, period. Rape is not something to be made light of, whether she’s had the misfortune of using a “rape scream” or not. She’s taken something horrible traumatic and unnecessarily used it in public, and yeah, I am a little bit angry about it, because chances are she won’t apologize. Knowing people near and dear to me who have been raped, who weren’t physically able to scream for help or who were threatened with their lives if they did scream…this does really offend me and make me upset that she’d so carelessly say it.

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