Bitchtopia Exclusive: Cooler Than You by Apt 1 and The Complex

One of my first feminist ventures was starting a lo-fi, minimalist, punk band with my roommate, Suzie. We called ourselves Apt 1, after our cute, dilapidated,  little apartment. We only wrote songs about the year we lived together. This weekend, we reunited and called upon our friends, The Complex, to help us record a demo tape of our hit single “Cooler Than You.” The song is about an OkCupid date (or several,) which hadn’t quite turned out right.

Enjoy our song, Cooler Than You, by Apt 1 and The Complex.


Apt 1:

Ingrid R. Taller – Singer/Songwriter

Suzie Lee – Bassist

The Complex: 

Jeanny Mae-  Guitarist/Singer

Gabby McGowan- Clapper

Ashley Lagz – Rice Maraca

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