I Wanna Be Conned

I had this idea, and I want to pitch it to you.
Ready? Okay, so, everyone loves surprises. Surprise birthday parties are great; all of friends “forget” your birthday and then surprise you to show they love you tons. Now, let’s change that scenario to something more interesting… maybe along the lines of your lover confessing that they lied about everything they’ve told you. Have you ever seen the train wreck after people find out their lover has been lying to them? That’s grade-A reality show heartbreak, so it’d probably be a smash hit. I would definitely cash in on this if I was a producer – and soulless.
Unfortunately, as with all my big ideas, I dragged my feet, and someone stole this gem. Except because they have a bigger budget, FOX is blowing up my idea with their new show, I Wanna Marry Harry. The concept is similar to the Bachelor (which is perplexing on its own), except this time the women participating are lead to believe the potential groom is Prince Harry himself.
The concept is elevated to its extreme, including living in a countryside castle, extravagant dates, and a full serving staff. It is implied the female participants are never outright lied to about with whom they are dating. Instead, they are pushed to draw the assumption together, where they will not be corrected. It sounds a lot like lying in my opinion, but hey, I’m just an average American female, not unlike the ones who had the misfortune of participating in this joke-gone-too-far.
Now, I don’t hate surprise parties. Please throw me a surprise party, because the lingering sentiment after is “these people love me, they did all this to make my birthday memorable.” I struggle to see the lingering sentiment after participating in “I Wanna Marry Harry” being anything positive. I would go so far as to say that the leading-most cause of lasting trust issues is deception by a loved one. Given I am similar to them, I can only assume these respectable women will feel embarrassed, hurt, and lonely when they are told the nasty little surprise. Is this all for the “ha ha, you are so dumb, I would never have been fooled like that” factor? I beg to differ, sir or madam, but yes, you would be fooled just like this, too.
Every figure of authority surrounding these women is encouraging them to believe this is the genuine Prince Harry. If they don’t believe at first, maybe it’ll be a date on a luxury speed boat that will convince them. Not sure, yet? How about a helicopter ride, or a dinner on a private beach? You would believe he is Prince Harry, too. The participants do not stand a chance discovering this fraud, and therefore are never given the opportunity to shield themselves from the reality-shaking revelation that awaits. What kind of society enjoys watching forcibly un-empowered people having their reality dismantled, purely for the viewer’s enjoyment?
 Oh, I guess us.

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