#HOMOEROTICA by Gregory Cinque

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5 Untitled-6

#HOMOEROTICA is a collection that speaks toward homosexuality and the way it’s “sold” in popular culture. The images serve as a satirical advertisement or campaign poster for our modern society. The series intends to be a bold, yet playful way to poke fun at the stereotypes that make up the sexualized, taboo vision of what homosexuality is. The images are meant to break the taboo barriers and start a conversation about the truth behind homosexuality versus the image portrayed throughout the media and social networking. The use of the hashtag, further plays off of it’s recent popularity in social media.

The work attempts to draw attention through the use of vibrant, loud colors that are indicative of the flamboyance of gay culture.  The body is very closely cropped to allow the viewer to avoid any emotional attachment and see the homosexual man as an object, rather than a human being.

This collection intends to bring to life how homosexual men are only seen as an accessory; a glamorous shell of the complex person that lies beneath that image. Pop culture has found a way to define a person by their sexuality, rather than allowing the person themselves define who they are.  What I want the viewers to take away from this collection is the realization that there is an over-popularizing of sexuality in gay culture. The images work to make people think, and hopefully come to the conclusion that a person is always a person, no matter their gender or sexual preference.

Find more of Gregory’s work by clicking here!

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