Hits and Shits

Gurl oh gurl, this has been a week! We’ve covered some hot topics in our posts, but there was so much more going on. Ready for our wrap up? HERE WE GO.


Peaches Geldof dies at 25

Peaches was the socialite of my adolescence. I’m not taking sides, but I preferred following her lifestyle choices over Ms. Hilton’s. I don’t want to even make much commentary about her death, other than we should all take a minute and appreciate the time we had with her. Remembering her sticking to her guns and becoming a powerful person instead of just the “party girl” she was painted to be.

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s “Stop Telling Women to Smile” Poster Defaced in Atlanta

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh has been proven as one of the most influential artists of our time. Her “Stop Telling Women to Smile” campaign has impacted cities around the U.S. and has spread like wildfire via the world-wide web. Quickly after the posters were plastered in Atlanta, they were defaced. The picture above had the words “force it” spray painted over the poster. As you can see, a discourse has been started on the poster, with Rebel Girls reclaiming the piece. This is a fight worth winning, rebel girl.

American Apparel Continues to Shoot Male-Gaze Ode-to-Underage Collection Shots

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 10.18.31 PM

I don’t know what we were expecting. One of our twitter friends (seen above) reminded us that American Apparel released new shots for their collection, and most of the models are made to look 17 years old and ready to play. AA has always been creepy. This isn’t really news. We’re just still angry about it.


THE SUN WILL COME OUT, TOMORROW (and it also made an appearance today)

We’re from all over the world, here at Bitchtopia. A lot of us are based in America, where the weather has been taking a BIG ‘OL SHIT ON US. Well, this week, most of us welcomed the sun. Here in the North East, we’re reaching degrees in the 70s! IT’S BEEN GLORIOUS. What’s your weather like? Let’s talk about it… because it really does mean a lot to us!!

Hillary Clinton Gets Our Hopes Up

Pre-President Hillary admitted that she’s “thinking” about running for president. While most people would label this a “shit” because she didn’t actually say she was running, we call it hope. We call this dreaming for the best. Please, Ms. Clinton. Make our dreams come true. Raise our expectations and realities beyond where we could have ever imagined. Be our spirit mother. Show us the way.


Have a good weekend, BITCHES ❤

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