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RuPaul Takes a Ride With John Waters

The two biggest inspirations for my aesthetic and attitude came together for a youtube video. While it wasn’t filmed this week, It’s been circulating this week, and it’s super important. RuPaul has been knighted as Queen of all Queens, while John Waters is a spooky queer master. Ru has been hyper political these days, as he’s got a reputation and several student Queens to protect. Waters has always been more of a sex-advice speaker than a loud political activist. As Waters explains, “Gay isn’t enough, honey.” I heard this as a direct response to Ru’s understanding of appealing to all of “the gays.” I’m not saying that this carpool was the home of an intense debate, but if it was, there would be a clear winner.

Testicular Cancer Awareness Gets the Breast Cancer Treatment

Male-bodied loving eyes have met their perfect match with the newest trend in instagram tags. #cockinasock is LITERALLY the greatest thing to ever happen. I finally have a reason to check my instagram feed 20 times a day. While I’m enjoying the eye candy, these photos are also raising awareness for testicular cancer. This movement in being led by the men who need it, and doesn’t come attached to some “I ❤ Dicks” bracelet selling campaign. If only we could teach the breast cancer awareness ca

Nick Cannon Poses as a White Guy

“Reverse racist” sirens blared as Nick Cannon dressed up a little more like Nick Carter. OH… does it feel awkward when someone impersonates your race?? Does this make you UNCOMFORTABLE?? I think this “stunt” proves that black face is incredibly racist and offensive with a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.


Thought Catalogue Dips in Intelligence For the Sake of Click Bait

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 7.09.51 PM

When Thought Catalogue started rising as a must-link on the young adult Facebook brigade, I was enthusiastic about a place where young writers could express EVERY THOUGHT THEY’VE EVER HAD. Mostly, because I tend to agree with most young adults. (We’re a little more liberal, I guess.) It seems, though, that TC is beginning to take a dive for the devil and has given into click bait. Much like our friends, Return of Kings, (whom we refuse to link to,) posting articles with “unpopular opinions” seems like a fun and easy way to get page views. All I see is a site that doesn’t mind throwing women under the bus for a little $$$. (Or, should I say, any oppressed groups?)

Joan Rivers is Still Awful

Rivers’ newest quote from her show where she shames people for their fashion choices is her tensely classic tone of offensive. When talking about Girls’ writer and star, Lena Dunham, Rivers claimed that she “[is] sending a message out to people saying, ‘It’s OK, stay fat, get diabetes, everybody die. Lose your fingers.” It’s not really news that Joan Rivers is an awful person with awful, unpopular opinions, but this “joke” hits as a plea to KEEP seeing her as funny. She’s taking the punch-line literally and equating size with health.

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