A Successful Woman is a Boyfriend’s Accessory

L’Wren Scott, a designer whose dresses were worn by the most popular celebrities- from Nicole Kidman to Michelle Obama- committed suicide a week ago. Instead of highlighting her career and her impact in the fashion industry, the media has chosen to focus on the fact that she was Mick Jagger’s girlfriend.

A quick Google search of L’Wren Scott’s death shows more headlines with the words “girlfriend of Mick Jagger,” rather than “designer.” The headline in San Jose Mercury News does not even mention her name, it just says “Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend Died by Suicide, Coroner’s Report Confirms.” She is being reduced to the accessory of a popular male figure instead of having her own accomplishments written about. When Alexander McQueen, who was also a well known and talented fashion designer, took his own life in 2010, the headlines, such as “Alexander McQueen, Designer, Is Dead at 40,” highlighted his name and profession. L’Wren’s personal success is erased with her passing, which is displayed by the media’s dismissal of her name and occupation within the headlines.

While she may not be a Coco Chanel, it is important to discuss L’Wren’s career instead of who she was dating. Yes, she was dating Mick Jagger for 14 years, but should her romantic male partner really be the focus when a popular female fashion designer dies? Before her death, L’Wren Scott even stated, “I’m a fashion designer. I don’t want to be defined as someone’s girlfriend.”  The media has disgraced her legacy by ignoring her own wishes.

Female celebrities’ relationships are some of the main topics written about women in the media, as we have seen with Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston. It is time to stop defining women by the men they date and start talking about their success and careers.

There’s so much that can be said about L’Wren Scott. She started out as a stylist and worked her way up to being a costume and fashion designer who had many of the most popular women in Hollywood wearing her designs on the red carpet. Even the First Lady donned her designs. This is a woman who accomplished her success by working her butt off, not by being the girlfriend of a rockstar.

One thought on “A Successful Woman is a Boyfriend’s Accessory”

  1. I think It just happens to be that Mick Jagger is a superstar icon who’s band is a cultural phenomenon . Just like if a superstar woman and had a lesser known spouse die i’m sure the media would frame it in the context of their spouse.

    If Julia Roberts died i’m sure every headline would not be “Lyl lovett’s wife is dead” (when they were still together) because Lyl lovett will not get the clicks, Julia Roberts will.

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