We Need Another James Deen

I am a woman who likes porn. I like my porn like I like my sex: rough, consensual, a little kinky, diverse. I like my hair pulled, and I like to be choked, but not enough to really cut off my airflow, and I like to see these things in porn. I like it when it seems the woman is enjoying herself, and I like it when it seems that the man is concerned with her pleasure, even if he’s engaging in dominant play. I also like the people in the porn I view to look like people I might hang out with, like people I might sleep with myself.

We need more porn stars like James Deen. He isn’t a meathead bro-dude. He isn’t a middle-aged, doughy, unattractive plumber-guy. And he isn’t a floating disembodied penis. Apparently POV porn is really fun for people who have a penis because they get to pretend that the penis they see is their own and that they are penetrating the person on the screen, but I don’t have a penis, and seeing male bodies that I find attractive engaged in sexual activities is a turn on for me.

I love watching James Deen fuck. He does it with such intention and consideration. He takes it seriously and has fun. James Deen does a lot of scenes where you can see all of his body. I almost feel like I’m part of the action — or at least, I could fantasize about being the woman he’s having sex with. I’ve never felt this way about men in porn before. I can name you plenty of women whose on-camera sex work I’m a fan of, but James Deen is the only man.

What gives, porn industry?? I mean, I guess I know what gives — James Deen is hugely appealing to women and the porn industry is geared towards men. Any “porn for women” I’ve come across is either lady-boner-killingly softcore or an insulting sexist joke. News flash: there are lots and lots of women who want actual porn! We just want to be able to see what’s happening, and we want it to feature a dude who we could see ourselves sleeping with. Cast more men like James Deen! There’s money to be made!

2 thoughts on “We Need Another James Deen”

  1. FINALLY. A woman that admits to enjoying porn! Our world is changing and we’re beginning to be more comfortable with our sexual desires and we’re becoming more open to it, making men uncomfortable. Deen is a babe and I totally agree on enjoying porn which stars someone we would actually want to sleep with. Kudos, friend.


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