Hits and Shits

hits and shits

The Hits: 


Cheers to sobbing to my computer screen once a week again! The last season had us clenching tissues and cheering Rae to happiness. This season, I find myself screaming at my screen “C’MON RAE, HE REALLY LIKES YOU! YOU CAN DO THIS!” Can we all hold hands while we watch?

Michelle Rodriguez confirms she is dating Cara Delevingne

While we’re not usually about announcing relationships and the link, this one warmed our hearts too much not to talk about it. More happy, queer relationships in the spotlight is so important. Parallel to Ellen Page coming out, these queer celebrities open the gate for visibility. We can only hope that with this visibility comes acceptance.

A Guide to Loving Someone with Depression Goes Viral

Thank you, internet, for spreading this guide. We’re always talking about how to fix depression. We watch movies where we’re taught to believe that romance will cure our partners of all sadness. The fact is, sometimes depression wont just turn off. It’s important to know how to stand by someone you love, without pressuring them to change something they cant.

The Shits:

NYC Mayor de Blasio speeds and runs some stop signs after declaring a war on dangerous driving

Chill, de Blasio. He came into office SWINGING for major changes. This guy hates the rich and greedy, and I admit, I think it’s *cute* that he shovels his own walkway when it snows. The man needs to learn to slow down, and not just on the road. Change is good, and he’s got some next level ideas for NYC, but it seems like he just needs to follow the speed limit once in a while.

Anne Frank diaries are damaged at a library in Tokyo

I’m already nervous enough being a Jew in the world, but it seems like anti-semitism is getting stronger as time progresses. There are very few holocaust survivors still alive and there are people who don’t realize that it didn’t happen that long ago. There is still some serious Jewish hatred going on, and this is just one of many examples of it. Much like Frank, these books have been put behind the counter (hidden) for their safety.

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