Hits and Shits

hits and shits

The Shits:

Kans-ass passed a gay segregation bill while the rest of Americans complained about Russia’s homophobia. 

Kansas approved a bill this week that allows businesses to deny service to gay couples. I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. Many countries “stuck it to Russia” in their rainbow Olympic gear recently, and America definitely has it’s nose up in the air because we’re not under fire for homophobia. Truth is, America is still homophobic… we just hide it better. My heart is with you, Kansas.

Nicki Minaj releases a new song and disappoints us all.

“Lookin Ass N****” is Nicki’s newest single, and although it makes some intense commentary on the male gaze, we can’t ignore all the ways in with it let us, her fans, down. Time comments saying “there’s a lyric where she uses rape as a metaphor for how she plans to seize control back from men, which has already upset fans, and the number of times she uses the titular epithet (41, according to one site) has also drawn criticism.” I’m a white woman writing this, so I don’t feel that I have the right to police her use or reclaiming of the n-word, but the rape metaphor struck hard. Nicki Minaj has been such a huge inspiration through her powerful words, but this one is a completely miss.

The Hits:

Wacky Wacko came out with the shirt of our misandrist dreams.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 4.23.29 PM

For only $29.95, you can promote your distaste towards mankind with this classy, sassy T-shirt. You can buy it on Wacky Wacko’s Bigcartel, and show it off to all your friends. They carry up to an XXL.

“Lean In” Collection launches on Getty Images and Buzzfeed reminds people to care.

Getty Images launched a pretty amazing collection of photos, which aims to portray women in a more inspiring role. Scrolling though the new collection, you’ll see women of all a race in powerful positions and in gender-defying roles. What made my cold, angry, feminist heart melt to a puddle was the Buzzfeed’s support and celebration for the new photos, making the launch go viral.

Facebook recognizes 50 more genders!

This is one of those bittersweet hits. Thank you, Facebook for allowing me to identify my gender more correctly, I’m just mad it took you this long to allow me to! Cis-allies, please identify yourself as cis, so that everyone can “come out” at the same time! Don’t let my sass fool you, this is REALLY VERY exciting.

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