Best Tweets of the Week


Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 1.32.51 AMWe love you, new Twitter layout, for allowing us to screenshot more favorites this week! I’m pretty sure one of these accounts is Beyoncé’s personal twitter account, but don’t quote me on it. Congrats, winners! We like that you exist!

Want to win next week’s competition? Make sure to follow us on twitter, or send us a tweet at @BitchtopiaMag 🙂

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Rose Water Magazine

Rose Water Magazine is a creative collective where writers, artists, and thinkers educate on intersectional feminism. Feminism helps support all genders, bodies, sexuality, and the human ability to choose and exert their willpower. It's imperative, even for those who don't want to identify as feminist, to understand the importance of a movement dedicated to a broad sense of equality. Rose Water Magazine is hoping that our commentary can trickle down to our readers and community to teach the importance of humanity and social justice.

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