22 Trends Women Hate and Why

(In response to ModaMob’s article, 22 Trends Men Hate and Why)

Your entire existence is a turn off. Here’s why.

1. Receding Hairlines: “In public? So embarrassing.”


2. Unsolicited Dick Pics: “Way too small disrespectful for me.”

Image 3. Man Flops: “They just make your feet look weird. Like, more than usual.”

A man in flip-flops

4. Goatees: “There’s just something gross about a guy (who usually shames pubic hair) with a landing strip on his face.”


5. Fedoras: “Looks way too much like OKCupid to me.”


6. Deep V Necks: “There’s nothing sexy about your taco meat.”


7. Axe: “When more than one guy in a group is wearing it, you suffocate and die.”


8. Male Privilege: Makes you look like a jerk when you don’t acknowledge it.”


9. White Male Rappers: “Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.”


10. “Tribal” Tattoos: “What tribe do you even belong to? The suburbs?”


11. Slut Shaming: “Dissing fly as fuck ladies is a huge turn off.”


12. Wallet Chains: “Those wallets with that extra accessory piece. It’s like, why is that there? To assert male dominance? To show that you shopped at Hot Topic circa 2005?”

images (2)

13. Selfie Squinting: “If your eyes are too small for your face, your selfie is way too weak.”


14. Adidas Sandals with Socks: “Even indoors they still look stupid.”

download (2)

15. Tortured Male Author Complexes: “I often prefer not being a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.”

download (3)

16. Hair Gel: “If you’re not in an anime, what’s the point?”
download (1)17. Fetishization: “Who wants to actually be treated like a real person? (Here’s a hint: We do.)”


18. Catcalling: “We won’t smile. Cut it out.”


19. Polo Shirts: “The worst are those guys who wear those shirts with the little animals on the front. You’re not on an episode of the O.C. It doesn’t make any sense.”


20. Internet Harassment: “Anonymous messages just makes you look creepier.”


21. Slogan T-Shirts: “If you’re over eleven years old, you’re probably too old for your shirt to say your sister ate your homework.”

images (1)

22. Misogyny: “Dudes, you’re already irrelevant. What’s the point?”


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kiki nicole

Kiki Nicole is a poet currently residing in Portland, OR. Their work has been featured on The Pulp Zine, Bitchtopia Magazine, and Voicemail Poems. Find more of their writing at kikinicolepoetry.tumblr.com.

5 thoughts on “22 Trends Women Hate and Why”

  1. “Watermelon heart”

    In context, that sounds like a massive stereotype xD
    Try on that racio-misogyny, she who hates white male rappers hahaha

  2. these claims are totally misrepresented. Receding hairline seriously…you know whats a turn off, a woman who turns down a possibly good man just because genetically that individual is predisposed to receding hairlines. WTF? Guy wearing a logo on his shirt, seriously? We don’t complain when women carry an arsenal of handbags designed with bunch of animals and symbols. Women get tribal tattoos too and white rappers, well I’ll give you that, almost entirely. Eminem is an exception to that trend. The whole v-neck and axe thing I agree but most of them weren’t right. Glad to know women don’t run politics, its bad enough as it is.

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