As an artist, I have always been drawn to “feminine” styles. Sometimes, I feel conflicted  when I enjoy making a style that is a concept molded by patriarchal ideals. What I’ve come to realize is that if I feel like it’s something I’m naturally drawn to, there’s no shame in exploring my interest. Femininity is important to explore, as well as masculinity. These two pieces are representative of girlhood, innocence and the exploration of gender expression. This can be seen in the rough and smooth textures and the use of blue and gold.

Ink, acrylic on watercolor paper

Acrylic on illustration board.

2 thoughts on “Girls”

  1. I love your art. I am a bit prejudiced as we are related, but then I know where your talent comes from-do you remember me saying to you a long time ago; it’s in your blood! You were a great artist then and a great artist now! Keep up the great work, I love it! Your biggist fan, Aunt Abbey

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