Hits and Shits

We’re hoping all y’all who celebrated the Holidaze this week made great memories. Also hoping all y’all who were woken up at 8am by “Murry Christmazz” texts, for a holiday you don’t celebrate, aren’t feeling too bitter!

The Hits

Feminist Author Shares in Queen Bey’s Success

My favorite track on Beyoncé’s visual album, ***Flawless, wouldn’t be nearly as strong without Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s sampled TedTalk “We Should All be Feminists.”

The featured Nigerian author’s new novel Americanah soared through the ranks of Amazon’s book sales following the album’s release. With Queen Bey promoting your work, it’s not a surprise! *bless you, Bey, for shining light on an amazing piece of work* Americanah which started at #861 the day before the album’s release, sits at #179 and is one of the New York Times Book Review’s Ten Best Books of 2013!

Prancing Elites Dances Above It All

The Prancing Elite, a group of fabulous black dancers, paved their way through Semmes, Alabama in the annual Christmas Parade delivering Santa baby realness. Unfortunately, the small town parade watchers heckled and shouted as the young African-American gay dancers made their way through the streets. Despite the crowd, the Prancing Elite held their heads high and finished strong like the professionals they are. Shout out to the Prancing Elite for their grace and talent in a very trying situation. While the hecklers are definitely a HUGE shit, The Prancing Elite’s talent and determination make them, as a collective, a major hit. You can check out their kickstarter here.

Two Members of Pussy Riot Freed 

Two members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot have been freed under a new amnesty law. Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonniva were given early release from their two year sentences for a protest in a church against Vladimir Putin. Alyokhina and Tolokonniva’s father are saying it’s an empty gesture and a publicity stunt before the Olympics. We’re putting this under hits considering their early release but it’s shit it was done as a political stunt.

The Shit

12 Years a Slave Promotional Material Features White Actors in Italy

Posters in Italy for the highly anticipated film 12 Years a Slave stars are featuring Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender over Chiwetel Ejiofor. Ejiofor has already been nominated for a Golden Globe for his leading role as Soloman Northup so that leads us to wonder why posters featuring minor white characters were chosen for Italian cities, rather than the American film posters featuring Ejiofor. Since the internet backlash, Lionsgate has  notified Buzzfeed they’re recalling the posters featuring Pitt and Fassbender.

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