Portrait of a Bitch: Bitchtopia’s Jasmine Robinson


Jasmine Robinson is not your everyday girl. In between getting an education at SUNY Albany, being an active member of the Jewish community as a Black Jew, and writing for the beloved Bitchtopia blog, she spends her time being a unique individual that everyone should strive to relate to. In a single sentence, Jasmine describes herself as “a sensitive, kind-hearted, clever bitch.” After learning more about her experiences and opinions, it isn’t hard to see why.

Right off the bat, you can just tell she’s a sweetheart. When asked what inspires her, Jasmine responded, “Kindness. Kindness without seeking rewards.” She’s also a highly empathetic person, a trait that may be exhausting but is definitely endearing to those who know her. “I take in so much, so much of the time that it becomes exhausting to just be around certain people, because I take on what’s stressing them as well.”

Speaking to Jasmine on a deeper level, it’s refreshing to note that she doesn’t let her sweetness get in the way of being a hardcore bitch who stands up for what she believes in. Additionally, it’s motivating to consider that she didn’t always feel this way. “I think I need feminism because the person I was last year didn’t think she needed it,” she says. “I only realized how badly I needed feminism this February, and that scares me. I used to think feminist was a dirty word. Truthfully, I’ve been a feminist all along; I was just afraid back then. Now, I want to shout my sentiments from the rooftops. I think that my mentality hasn’t really changed in that things I found unjust before I accepted the label are the same things, but now I understand why I’m upset. And I’m not afraid of people thinking I’m ‘crazy’ or a ‘bitch’ anymore. Now I’m fighting for what’s right, and the fact that people won’t be receptive to me because I am a feminist just makes the fight all the more worth it.”

Now, though, she makes it a habit to incorporate her feminism into her daily life. “I try not to let people get away with saying ‘harmless’ things. I’ll let you know if I don’t agree with what you just said or if it was kind of fucked that you just slut-shamed. I don’t want my friends to think it’s okay to say stuff like that around me, and I hope they’ll realize it’s not okay to say stuff like that period.”

Alongside Jasmine (left) is fellow Bitchtopia contributor, Ariela (right).

As you can see, this girl is bold, and her uniqueness doesn’t stop there. Recently, Jasmine became the President of Club Field Hockey, which she’s been gushing about to her friends. With such a rounded and passionate life and a novel personality, I asked her who she would have write her biography, and I was not too shocked to receive yet another unconventional yet highly interesting answer. “You know what? I’d probably want someone like Nicole Polizzi (Snooki) or Nicole Richie to write my biography,” she states. ”I think either one of those two ladies would get who I am. I like to have fun, I’m a bit (a really big) of a bitch. People like to put them outside of the realm of “feminism” for the way they dress, behave, etc, but I think they get it just as much as we [at Bitchtopia] do.”

Everything about Jasmine comes together to create an individual who will definitely be remembered by all the lives she’s touched and will continue to influence. However, when asked what the most important thing she’d want to be remembered by, she gave a simple yet lasting response: “I was here, and you can’t ignore me. I want people to remember me for all of the times I stood up, not for the times I couldn’t find my voice.”

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