For Colored Girls Suffering From Feminist Fatigue

dear White womyn represented by “controversial” Youtube vlogs, Lily Allen music videos,

and most women’s magazines,

your concepts of feminism make me want to scream

but I can’t.

too afraid of being seen as angry

and Black

but your entire worldview excludes us and I can’t cuss and fuss but

you left us drowning in the first-wave;

we never learned how to swim  because we didn’t want to get our hair wet.

let me tell you this:

I refuse to be defined solely by your 77 cents and wet dream of being able to enter the workforce when you’ve been sending us there since birth

toiling for the bounty of your earth, in factories, in your house

you can fight for your right to burn a bra

but at least you could afford to do so.

so don’t come to me with manifestos laced with silky strands of Manic Panic sanity defined by

Susan B. Anthony don’t you dare come to me

don’t you fucking tread on me

I refuse to bend over and prop you up to be

this White Moses,

White Feminist Savior,

when you left me burning in the bush.


I’m not blaming you of anything

except ignorance

which is everything you’re fighting against,


I thought so.

Published by

kiki nicole

Kiki Nicole is a poet currently residing in Portland, OR. Their work has been featured on The Pulp Zine, Bitchtopia Magazine, and Voicemail Poems. Find more of their writing at

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