Cast Your Vote for the Ladeeeezzz

Everybody seems to have an opinion on the “best of” the year. We obviously have one too, but we would rather hear yours. The contributors here at Bitchtopia put our wonderful brains together and came up with some very important names of influential womyn of 2013. It’s up to YOU to vote (choose as many as you like, vote as many times as you like.) You can even add new names to the list. Basically, it’s up to you to speak up!

Some important names on our poll, which you may not recognize are:

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, who was the artist behind the “Stop Telling Women to Smile” campaign.

Janet Mock, the writer who launched the #GurlsLikeUs movement for the visibility of trans womyn.

Petra Collins, most known for her photography for Rookie Mag, who creates powerful commentary on the sexualization, isolation, and strength in adolescent bodies.

Jazz, a proud 12 year old transgender girl who became a role model for many young people by speaking out about her experiences at her young age, after she successfully changed the U.S. Soccer Federation’s policy on the inclusivity of transgender players.

The truth is that every person on this list, and every person we think about adding to this list, is amazing, powerful and influential. This list is all in fun, but really, it’s meant to shed light on those who have empowered us to be better people. Vote for the people who taught you something new, who showed you something within yourself or who makes you squeel with glee when you see their name in the paper. Vote for the womyn who mean something to you.

Voting will end December 29th, so that we have time to calculate. Make sure to cast your vote before then.

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