We heard you love contests, so our favorite booking agency, Dellarocca Booking, gifted us a pair of tickets see Titus Andronicus + Summer People + if Madrid + Slowshine at Valentines  in Albany, NY to give away to a lucky winner.

In the press release, Dellarocca Booking writes “We are ecstatic to finally announce that on Sunday December 29th (the third to last show EVER at Valentine’s), we will be bringing back TITUS ANDRONICUS!! to give Valentine’s a proper goodbye and farewell (R.I.P.)” We’d never miss a Titus show and Valentines holds a near and dear space in our hearts.

To win the pair of tickets, fill in the blank (with anything you like)! The answer that makes us chuckle the most wins 2 tickets to the Titus show!

“Baby, we were born to           !”

You can comment on here or on our facebook to enter.

Here is a lil preview of Titus:

Contest ends December 25th! Must be able to attend the show in Albany, NY to enter. 

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