It’s time for one of my favorite times of the year: the season when I get to wear leggings and boots. Yes, my leggings serve as pants. Comfortable, warm pants.

*cue the dirty looks*

Give it a rest. If someone decides that they want to show the curves of their butt and thighs, why does it bother you so much? I hear it all the time. “She really shouldn’t wear those…”

I am happy with my body, and I like how my leggings hug my curves in a comfortable way. This makes people uncomfortable. This makes people start to make me feel shameful for being happy with myself. Is my confidence really that threatening?

I’ve heard way too many times that bigger girls shouldn’t wear leggings because it’s “unattractive.” Unattractive to who? Let’s take yoga pants for example. Guys love yoga pants because it makes girls asses look great. But I guess leggings don’t do the same. News flash: I am not wearing leggings to be attractive to men. I am wearing leggings because they are comfortable and I feel sexy. Who decides what is attractive and what isn’t? I DO BECAUSE IT’S MY BODY.

 Woman on woman hate has to end, or else we will get nowhere. There needs to be room for all women, whether they wear leggings, fishnets, sweatpants, jeans, nothing at all, and no matter what size or shape they are. Let’s respect each other. Let’s respect each other bodies and each other’s choices. We are all sisters. Let’s start treating each other as such.

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