Introducing the World’s Greatest App: Lulu

IMG_6335“I have an 8.6 rating on Lulu.” my friend, Brian, said to me as we sat on his bed. I had no idea what he meant, and so the famous conversation of “WHAT? YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF THIS? OH MY. LET ME SHOW YOU.” was initiated.

After he clicked around on his phone, the screen turned a slick black with the fresh script “Lulu” across the center. Once the app loaded, it was a flood of men’s pictures and names matched with a rating. The clouds opened and a light shined down from the heavens straight onto this phone. This is what we women need.

We live in a world where the term “nice guy” actually means that he wears a fedora and probably only hits on girls drunker than him. Well, this app is the helping hand that all of us may need. Lulu allows women to rate guys and give some feedback for other women to make sure they’re not getting mixed up with the wrong creep.



The best part of the Lulu app is that only women can use it. Men can download it, but they’ll only be able to see how many views and ratings they have. Above, you can see the difference between the male and female app. Yeah, my friend Brian is a total catch, but he’s #taken, so don’t get any ideas. I’ve been obsessed with this app for a few months and from my own personal research and observation, I’ve noticed that the anonymity paired with the closed gates to the rate-ees makes for a very honest, playful usership. It also helps that there are no comment sections. You can only pick descriptive hashtags from a list, which are mostly mixtures of random words. No user can log on just to post a horribly spelled, mean-spirited, personal review. It’s just a fun time to rate your friends on how much they are #NiceToMyDog.

I honestly just want more people to download this app so I can check up on my future hook ups. It’s free! You can also view it on your computer. Download it and help me safely get down!

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