Hits and Shits


Cosmopolitan Publishes Something Useful

Usually, Cosmo is teaching is the right way to suck on our man’s testicles or telling us the right mascara to use when we want to look skinnier, but this week, they gave us this. Haleloo! Believe me, I was just as shocked as you were to find out that Cosmo was actually doing something positive against food-shaming! Read it! Learn it! Live it!

Hot Heebs

It’s impossible to resist scrolling through one of the best photo collections on the internet: Hot Men on Israeli Beaches. I’m always content at looking at pictures of “beeetches” in Tel Aviv and dreaming I was there, but this adds a whole new perspective. I just wish there was audio so I could hear their sexy Israeli accents telling me they love me. Guess I’ll just have to set up a skype date with one of them.


Jezebel Contradicts Themselves (…Again)

In two separate “Shits” from this week, Miley Cyrus announced herself as “one of the biggest feminists in the world” and Lily Allen came out with a new, twerk-filled music video.  Feminist online magazine, Jezebel, reported both incidences (Mileys feminism / Lily’s twerk doc) in very different lights. Writers at Jezebel were furious with Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” video for it’s usage of black women as props, and rightfully so. When Miley goes out and calls herself a feminist activist, let along among the top feminists in the world, these people are quick to combat her. No, Miley. You’re not quite there, yet. Miley is making huge break throughs and commentary about how sexuality should be viewed, but because of her obvious racism, it’s one step forward, a million steps back. Lily Allen’s new video for “Hard Out Here” looks eerily similar to Cyrus’ video, with mocking POC to prove a point, but Jezebel calls it “a feminist pop anthem you can blast at parties.” Uhh… what??

Here at Bitchtopia, we are huge fans of Jezebel, but we can’t let this slide by without calling them out on it. Both Cyrus and Allen are empowering– to white women. I would even go as far as to say that both are trying to be better and more inclusive, but are missing the mark. They’ve got things to work on, and if you’re going to call Cyrus out on those things, you have to call Allen out on them also. Get your shit together, JezieWezies.

Did it for the…. YouTube video?

This video of a father mocking his daughter’s tantrum has gone viral. When I watch it, all I hear are the sounds of a young girl begging for help. His reaction is to shame her… all for the laughs? With new episodes America’s Funniest Home Videos off the air, there wasn’t any inspiration for this dad. I deem this video a shit because ignoring someone’s plea for help or attention is NOT the way to solve a problem. At a young age, this child is learning that she will only be ignored. If you’ve got a tantruming child, mocking them is NOT the way to handle it. We’re putting this stinky dad in a time-out.

4 thoughts

  1. I disagree. When a child is throwing a tantrum like that, mocking them is a great thing to do. Children don’t throw tantrums like that just because they need help or attention. Children throw tantrums like that because they need help AND tantrums have worked in the past. Mocking the child breaks the cycle of tantrums being affective tools to get attention, to get validation. It forces the child to learn new and better coping skills to get the attention she desires. Growing up is hard, and your feelings will be hurt. It is much better for Dad to hurt her feelings now than to keep her in a bubble till she is kicked out into the real world with no coping skills and no understanding of how to handle the emotion of shame.

    1. Her brother laughing at all this is what upset me the most. My parents also used the ignore-the-screaming-child approach with me, when I was a toddler. My brother learned it was ok to mock me and make fun of me. He ended up becoming physically abusive to me by the time I was 12 or so. My parents had since stopped being idle parents, but the behavior in my brother was already formed.
      What I find difficult to watch about the video is not the fact that they want the kid to stop whining, it’s HOW they’re dealing with it. Famous positive replies to a tantrum are “use your words” or “WHY do you want ____”. Video taping a mocking session doesn’t teach the child much, other than you are out to humiliate them.


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