Hits and Shits


“Ugly” Faces With “Hot” Bodies

Some jerkwad decided he knows all and made a compilation of “25 ugly faces with perfect bodies”. Seems like most of these photos are just random girls’ Facebook pics. The real kicking part of this judgmental mess is that many of the photos don’t show full body or the person’s face. Essentially, they’re just 25 photos of semi visible bodies. Even if beauty WASN’T socially constructed, this list is like your brain after a super fun friday night: USELESS.

Stupid Teen Rapists Are Stupid

Some idiot teenage boys started a rape club. Yeah. You read that right. They had a little club, much like a chess club or JV football, where they would get teenage girls drunk and gang rape them. They boasted about it on Facebook. I can’t really make jokes about this. All I can say is that I’m glad these boys have been receiving hate mail and I’m glad that news stations are publicly shaming them. Rape is a valid reason to hate someone, and I think this hate should be pure and strong. I’m mostly angry with authorities, who decided to keep the Facebook page, where the club posted their defenses and bragging melodies, up and running. They said it was for evidence and research, but y’all know you can look up back logs of the internet.


High School Bros

High School cis-male besties are way different than college bros, and this video proves it. Everyone always side-eyes me when I say that I love bros, but here is the thing: their bromances are adorable and hilarious because of how secure they are in not-giving-a-hoot about their masculinity and sexuality. In this little experiment in teaching a lesson, these boys showcased an amazing presentation about the performance of gender roles, and all they were doing was trying to give their principal a hard time! I think these guys are a “hit” because they’re raising fantastic questions about how people treat sexuality and gender at a young age. Keep holdin’ hands, boys, it looks like true love to me!

Terry Richardson Gets Publically Called Out as an Asshole and People Listen!

It used to be really alternative to know about rapist Terry Richardson. Regardless if you are always two degrees away from someone who has been sexually assaulted by the talentless photographer, somehow the subject of him being a scumbag never seems to come up. If you click the link above, it will read like any honest account of who Richardson is. The difference between this article and the ones from the past? THIS ONE WENT VIRAL. For good damn reason! I can only pray that this time, the public shaming sticks.

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Rose Water Magazine is a creative collective where writers, artists, and thinkers educate on intersectional feminism. Feminism helps support all genders, bodies, sexuality, and the human ability to choose and exert their willpower. It's imperative, even for those who don't want to identify as feminist, to understand the importance of a movement dedicated to a broad sense of equality. Rose Water Magazine is hoping that our commentary can trickle down to our readers and community to teach the importance of humanity and social justice.

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