Pretty Pretty Pejic

In the modeling industry it is important to have a signature. It can be a look or pose just as long as only one person is able to achieve it and recreate it effortlessly and repeatedly. This signature makes someone irreplaceable on the runway and in front of the camera. The fashion world is meant to harbor the creativity of the people within it and to inspire those who watch from outside its bubble. The moods and emotions of a designer are expressed through the mediums of fabrics and embellishments, as a way for the designer to connect to the public and as an artistic outlet. The fashion “world’ is as it implies, a separate realm. The people who do not understand it and mock it are aliens to this artistic plane. They do not have the social codes to comprehend it. Modern American lowbrow culture, especially, does not have the social codes to deconstruct what it means to be involved in fashion let alone what it means to be a model.

Andrej Pejic´ is a model. Pejic´ has walked in shows for Jean-Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs, has graced such U.S. covers as Dossier Journal, has been on the “Top Fifty Male Models” List, and has been ranked number ninety eight in a list of “100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011”. At over six feet tall and somewhere under one hundred and twenty pounds, with silvery blond tresses and piercing blue-eyes, Pejic´ is empirically beautiful. However the general American public would be hard pressed to label him as decidedly “male”. Pejic´ is one of fashion’s latest androgynous darlings. By wearing makeup and feminine clothing Pejic´ is able to trouble the American idea that those humans who are anatomically male should dress as so and should not be pretty. Our American culture views women as “the fairer sex” and because of our breasts and vaginas we are allowed to, nay supposed to, wear makeup and be “pretty” because this is what is deemed as acceptable female behavior in our culture. Therefore because women must be pretty, men should not be.

It is not at all embraced in America for anatomical males to dress as women or to wear makeup because this creates some sort of shame to the male image, as it is apparently shameful to be a woman. Pejic´ calmly explodes through that mold and wears women’s clothing and wears makeup, exhibiting the behavior that is unacceptable (by American standards) for an anatomical male to have. Pejic´ does this all while promoting that there is nothing to feel shameful about because the inherent gender neutral feelings inside Pejic´ do not create shame, but instead create art. Pejic´ is also able to make a living walking down runways and posing for photos, which is also a sign that the tide is turning in the gender binary and for the better. This includes sky rocketing to fame with articles spotlighting Pejic´ on every fashion website not just for his unabashed refusal to follow societal norms but for Pejic´’s talent in the modeling industry, and the hundreds of Tumblrs devoted to supporting the androgynous community through this androgynous angel who identifies himself as neither man or woman but simply as “Andrej Pejic´”, which is exactly who and what Pejic´ is.

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