Just the Tip

I was painting the exterior of my house the other day and I had to get this awkward corner between the shingles. So, I dipped the corner of the brush into the paint tray for the perfect fit and as I did it I thought “just the tip.” I giggled for a second because that has nothing to do with paint and brushes but has to do with sex which is completely unrelated to painting a house.

What does “just the tip” really have to do with sex? I want you to think back to when you’ve ever said or been told “just the tip” in a context that wasn’t joking about the sexual reference. I remember being a teenager and having a guy tell me “just the tip” referring to his penis penetrating me with “just the tip” because he said it wasn’t actually considered sex even though you are just as susceptible to arousal, pregnancy, and STIs. I remember he said that because I was a virgin and I didn’t want to have sex and he fully understood that. The allure of deflowering a virgin was so seductive to him that “just the tip” would suffice. Who knows, maybe it would even lead to him being able to penetrate more than “just the tip.”

When it comes down to it, “just the tip” is not OK to say. If someone does not want to have sex with you, asking for “just the tip” and pushing their borders is inappropriate. Trying to negotiate and break them down is not OK.  You know that “just the tip” doesn’t usually stay that way and if they said no, “just the tip” shouldn’t be a response.


Zsa Zsa Couture

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