Featured Musician: Cemeteries


Here at Bitchtopia, we are more than just a little bit excited about the coming Halloween holiday. We have a taste for those creepy crawlies and low, spooky sounds that make us squeal with excitement and shiver with fear. Also, we have a really big affinity for good tunes so I’m here to shed light on an upcoming musician who not only loves Halloween and classic Hollywood slashes, but fits right into those spooky, haunting themes we love.The band is Cemeteries. A one man band fronted by Buffalo-area native, Kyle Reigle, Cemeteries is a perfect blend of mystery and the ethereal. Even more delightful is the haunting undertones – the secretive darkness that fills up Reigle’s tracks on his album, The Wilderness (2012), with a warm fullness of rich and colorful sound. Each note and slow rhythm opens up the possibilities to all those dream-like emotions you feel inside of yourself, especially the quiet, gloomy bits that cling tightly to every single nostalgic moment you have ever felt in your life.Looking to old horror movies – both the good and the bad – with a pang of nostalgia and adoration, Reigle composed an album that is both modest but artistically masterful without a single missing detail. Each instrument is orchestrated in a way that gives a bright life to his rather distant and enigmatic vocal choices. Think of it this way: listening to Cemeteries is like being trapped in a 1960s horror story where you are the protagonist, but instead of seeing all the gory beats, you’re completely immersed in the visual aesthetics as pleasing as any Stanley Kubrick film. The patterns, the rhythms, and obviously delicately made choices come together in a hidden gem within the indie “goth pop” genre Reigle brings to life in The Wilderness.

Or if you’re looking for something a little bit more new age or ambient in terms of electro-pop, low beat synth sounds (but still spooky!), check out Reigle’s other musical project, Camp Counselors. Recently, he released an album under Camp Counselors called “Huntress” via Lefse Records and is currently on tour with Teen Daze, an atmosphere Canadian sound produced by Jamison. And when he isn’t busy working on his own music, he’s helping other musicians like himself – people releasing digital, cassette based projects – as cofounder for the independent record label, Snowbeast Records with his friend, Jonathan Iovier. A man of many talents, Reigle allows us a peek into the quieter, darker things in life but shines in a gentle and beautiful light with a heavy sentimentality you want to explain but are perfectly content that you’re unable to.

If you’re interested in some spooky (and awesome!) tracks, these are a few of my favorites by Cemeteries:

  • “Brighter Colors” (5:30)
  • “Summer Smoke” (6:26)
  • “Young Blood” (5:09)
  • “Leland” (3:56)

To stay updated on all Cemeteries news, you can follow him on twitter here or liking them on Facebook by clicking here. Or you can watch the music video about a girl and her ghost friend by clicking here (seriously, check it out).

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