“Chinese Food”, the new “Friday”

I’m sure we all were in agreement that Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and then the later “Thanksgiving” by Nicole Westbrook were basically the rock bottom of music.  I would like to thank young musical prodigy Alison Gold for putting us all to shame with her new song and video titled “Chinese Food”.  I personally feel as if “White Girl/First World Problems” would have been a more appropriate title because it is apparent that she has 99 problems but feeding herself really is not one of them… apparently neither is befriending a panda?

Not only am I embarrassed for this girl and everyone involved in the production of this racist nightmare, I am embarrassed for us all because, for lack of better words, there is no reason this should even be a thing.  Alison Gold has left me speechless but certainly not in a good way.  I am baffled that this got through any kind of company hierarchy.  Apparently every level of PatoMuzic labeled this song and video as not only publishable content, but as something worth putting time and money into.  I am honestly intrigued by their creative process.  Think about how much attention this production company has gotten with their content…. or maybe you don’t want to do that.  And that’s okay too because I understand. But it really takes some deliberate decision making to breed this conglomeration of everything terrible.  I am almost hoping this YouTube channel is some kind of social experiment/artistic stunt, like Ylvis, although I’m not sure if that would make me feel better or worse.  Really, I could list a lot of things wrong with this video but why would I do that when you can get the full experience?

3 thoughts on ““Chinese Food”, the new “Friday””

  1. Wow, it was obvious that they just didn’t care who they were going to offend.
    They made the mistake of not realizing that our generation is not down. The current conversation is about cultural appropriation, and problematic elements that are used in media.
    I saw a phone ad on Facebook where a white child was wearing an Indian headdress– It was completely torn apart in the comments. We see it everywhere now. No one is going to take it anymore, so these assholes need to pay attention and stop.

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