Spooky Tunes for all the Ghouls

Halloween is one of the greatest holidays ever celebrated. And, by “one of”, I mean “the actual greatest”. There have been thousands of ghostly beats made to scare your soul, but only the top notch tunes of the 31st made it on to this list.

Sesame Street – I Want a Monster to be my Friend

In the ’70s, friends were harder to come by. (yeah… let’s go with that.) It’s not like OKCupid existed and you could check your match percent to meet the zombie of your dreams! Monsters make the best friends because they can protect you from evil unicorns and other shiny creatures!

Bobby “Boris” Picket – Monster Mash

I don’t know about you, but this was my absolutely favorite song to dance around to in Elementary School gym class. Press play and have a super fun sing-a-long alone in your room! (Accent included)

P.s. the animation in the video I chose is kinda perfect, so be sure to watch while you’re groovin’.

Oingo Boingo – No One Lives Forever

*Stephon Voice* This song has everything! Dancin’ until death, a full moon, wolves and a living hell.

Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks – Halloween is Here

This song should be the national anthem for trick-or-treaters. It’s is a play-by-play of exactly how Halloween should be done, if you want it done right. TELL ME SOMETHING SCARY! This whole album is perfect, actually. Buy it on vinyl, actual. Get all warm with it while you carve your scary pumpkin faces.

The Remains of the Day – The Corpse Bride

Of course “This is Halloween” should be on here, but I wanted to add song thats you might have NOT have heard before and I used “Monster Mash” as one one classic pick. This song is equally as spooky and entertaining, but you can dance a little easier to.

Happy Halloween, Bitches!

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One thought on “Spooky Tunes for all the Ghouls”

  1. I was just at the Holiday House in NYC sponsored by Traditional Home and in one of the rooms there is anehtor new, fab Phillip Jeffries wall paper.Very impressed with your jack-o-lantern prowess. I think you go to the head of the carving class!!!xo Elizabeth

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