“Maintenance Medication”

At 6:30 pm every day

I’d ingest a little pill,

so that by 9:30pm that night

I’d still be someone nice to talk to,

even though I spent my day





But at 12:00am every night,

I’d hope you’d still want to

ingest me,

so that by 11:30am,

and “Good morning”

I’d still be yours.

And maybe you’d still have an

appetite for me.


At 5:30pm

You decided your prescription was up

“no fills left”

when there were still

pills to be taken,

a balanced to be sustained,

hunger to be had.


So by


and every day after that,

I ingested that little pill.

But it didn’t matter the time

there was nothing nice left to talk about.


And now, I’m always hungry.

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