What to Expect: A Trip to Your Local Gyno

I recently asked some of my Tumblr followers for their run-downs of a typical Planned Parenthood visit and about obtaining birth control. They all had wise words, so enjoy!Image

“You’ll get there and fill out the regular paper work. Then a nurse will do a routine blood pressure check and like weigh you and such. Then your doctor will come in.

S/He does >insert 2 fingers< but there’s so much lube and stuff that it’s not completely uncomfortable; I mean, in no way is it super enjoyable or anything, but it’s not painful. The doctor will more than likely talk you through what s/he’s feeling for, and then you’re done.

That’s the “worst” part.

As for birth control, talk to your gyno about what options are best. Some are more expensive than others but it really depends on your insurance. I was on Lo Loestrin FE and I felt great — it had iron supplements in it because I’ve always had a problem with anemia. But there are other options to the pills, including rings. 

Mainly, I would just suggest talking to your doctor. Ask some of your friends to see if there are any gynos in the area they would recommend. And remember: your doctor does this hundreds of times a week. There’s absolutely no reason to worry about anything!”


“I’ve been on free/cheap birth control since I was 14. (wasn’t sexually active until 17, but had crazy cycle issues) I’m way into it. There are usually cheap/free options, it keeps my period regular and lighter. Fewer cramps. My face gets a little greasier than when I’m not on it because of the hormones, and I get more PMS-related food cravings (GIVE ME ALL THE ICE CREAM), but that’s the worst of it. I’ve had no serious health issues as a result after 10 years.”

“She [the doctor] told me that she was about to exam the inside of my vagina to check for any abnormalities or lumps on my cervix and vaginal wall. She took a metal speculum and put a bit of lube on it, and then she inserted it in my vagina. It did not hurt at all, but it did feel weird when she opened it up. Not a bad feeling, but weird. Mostly, I was nervous about her being down so close to my vagina, I had only ever had lovers down there.

All she did was look inside my vagina and examine it. It took less than probably three minutes for her to insert the speculum and look inside. After that, she told me I was healthy and good to go. I was able to put on my clothes and I was done!

I actually told her I was a bit nervous before she started, and she assured me there was nothing to be worried about. You may want to tell your doctor (if you are comfortable) that you’re a virgin and if it will make the pelvic exam any different, in terms of sensations for you.”

Image“The experience of being on birth control depends on the birth control you end up choosing. It’s different for everyone, so you’ll probably hear a billion different stories for each different brand. And it might be best to ask Planned Parenthood how they run their gyno appointments? Those vary as well. As far as personal experiences of those, I have both walked out of them feeling violated and also feeling like it wasn’t a big deal at all.”

“At planned parenthood I was given a test for STDs as well as a pregnancy test. I am sexually active so they wanted to be sure I wasn’t pregnant before administering my new birth control injection. I was comfortable there and everyone there was really helpful. They will go over your BC options and you can decide which will be the best option for you. It’s a little daunting but after weighing pros and cons you should be able to decide on something that will suit your lifestyle.”

Image“When I first went to my gyno I was freaking out. For the most part they’ll ask you if you’re sexually active, check out your organs and if you can choose to do a pap smear (it’ll hurt, I did it when I was a virgin and I was so tense and nervous). It’s pretty much like a normal physical and they’ll talk to you about different forms of BC. I went with the pill, Ortho Tri-Cyclen, specifically. Its up to you what you like and are comfortable with. I had no complications and my skin improved.”

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*All graphics by Carly Susman

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One thought on “What to Expect: A Trip to Your Local Gyno”

  1. I am not on birth control myself because it made me feel psychotic. I started on ortho trycyclin which was horrible. Second was Yaaz. Even at the lower dosage I didn’t feel like myself. Everyone has their own experiences with this though. It just wasn’t for me. I use condoms. Always. It is too scary not to.

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