Hits and Shits

The Hits

Gay Marriage in New Jersey!

Y’all know this is a huge step forward in the world. New Jersey used to only be good for GTL, the smell of rotting garbage on the turnpike and the occasional Sopranos rerun. Hopefully this trend catches on as quickly as Uggs with sweatpants.

Miss Piggy in the Smithsonian

Our favorite snouted honey is FINALLY recognized for her many, many talents in beauty and allure. She’s in her rightful glory under the spotlight, next to her best friends. I can only hope that some of her tantalizing pride rubs off on all her visitors.

This pizza

I had an impromptu drive from Chicago to NYC and my favorite part was stopping in Pittsburgh and eating this delicious pizza. Yeah, it’s extra cheese and pepperoni. If you’re wondering why you can’t see the round meaty decorations of delight, it’s because it’s UNDER the cheese.

The Shits:

The new Iphone update

I hate to be one of those people, but I’m one of those people. I didn’t buy a windows phone for a reason, probably because I’m a pretentious mac abuser, and this phone mimics my electronic enemy. I’ve been waiting patiently for an ungraded phone, and my older Iphone 4 and slowed down significantly with this update. I can’t even switch apps with out all of them closing out! 0/10 would not recommend.

A study that reminds us that everyone hates a feminist

I’ll just link you guys to that, because It’s really just WTF.


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Rose Water Magazine is a creative collective where writers, artists, and thinkers educate on intersectional feminism. Feminism helps support all genders, bodies, sexuality, and the human ability to choose and exert their willpower. It's imperative, even for those who don't want to identify as feminist, to understand the importance of a movement dedicated to a broad sense of equality. Rose Water Magazine is hoping that our commentary can trickle down to our readers and community to teach the importance of humanity and social justice.

One thought on “Hits and Shits”

  1. I also hate iOS 7. Not every single part of it — I like the time stamped text messages and the built in flashlight. But it’s trying so hard to be hip, and it sacrifices the intuitive functionality of previous systems.

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