Hits and Shits

The Hits

Julie Chen Reveals That She Had Plastic Surgery to Make Her Eyes Look Less “Asian”

Chen recalled being told that she would never be on the anchor desk because of her Chinese heritage and that she looked “disinterested and bored” on camera.  This may not seem like a ‘hit’, but I think that discussing the problem of racism in American mainstream media is important and it took a lot of courage for a woman as prominent as Julie Chen to make such an admission.

Friday the 13th

The Shits

Robin Thicke Photographed Grabbing a Butt That is Not His Wife’s and Everyone Is Totally Surprised

Sidenote:  No one is surprised.  Also, this photo makes me want to take a shower.

Miss New York Allegedly Body-Policed Miss America, Calling Her “Fat As F*ck”

That’s the fatty in question, Miss America Mallory Hagan.  I’m undecided on how I feel about beauty pageants in general, but that’s besides the point.  No one likes a body-policer.

One thought

  1. eeewwwww….that’s all I have to say to Robin Thicke
    Julie Chen is beautiful….she may have forgotten,,,,but I think she had her nose done too
    Mallory is beautiful…..

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