“Up All Night” and “Ma by the Window”

"Up All Night" by Sreetama Ray
“Up All Night” by Sreetama Ray

“Who hasn’t had bouts of sleeplessness? Lying in bed, next to someone, eyes wide open when the world around me is all shades of black.”

"Ma by the Window" by Sreetama Ray
“Ma by the Window” by Sreetama Ray

“Acrylic on canvas, made in reminiscence of one of my earliest memories. My mother would stand in front of an open window and comb her knee-length hair with a forlorn look in her eyes. Although surrounded by so much household din, she would seem far away from everything. When I was young I would often ask her what she was thinking. She never replied. All one could see of her when she combed was her hair and her face. Her hair was like a super hero’s cloak and her eyes were set on a world of her own.”

Sreetama Ray is a frequent and talented artistic contributor to us here at Bitchtopia. Her debut post was published in August. If you’re interested in learning more, you can find her first submission here.

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