maybe it’s because you love me too much

that you have to suffocate everything you touch.

your grasp leaves me red.

it pains me to be near you

(I wish you were dead)

it hurts me to let you go.

so I keep you close.

you never let me forget that you’re there.

your hugs are tough love.

you stain my clothes with your kisses,

you leave a rose on my body.

you leave me weak and hungry.

keeping you around is getting expensive.

I don’t remember life before

you moved in one grey Saturday.

and you’ll leave me when I am grey.

Published by

kiki nicole

Kiki Nicole is a poet currently residing in Portland, OR. Their work has been featured on The Pulp Zine, Bitchtopia Magazine, and Voicemail Poems. Find more of their writing at

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