Questions of the Day

Yeah, we take questions and do our best to give you worthwhile advice!

Dhruvi asked: “When should I stand up to authority if our values clash, and when should I leave it alone?”

I think what you’re asking is “when is it o.k. to make a big deal out of someone speaking out of their butt?,” because I find myself asking this in my head ALL the time. When someone says that something is “gay”, when they mean to say that something sucks, my feminist alarm rings incessantly in my head. If you’re a strong-willed, outspoken person, you find yourself getting upset with people A LOT.

It’s important to speak up for yourself. Evaluate where the ignorance is coming from and choose to educate instead of scold. This means keeping your cool and offering help. If someone is not yet understanding you, be polite and be sure to tell them “I respectfully disagree because…. I think it would be helpful if…”

Working with authority is super difficult, and the main thing to remember is that you are working for them, not the other way around. It can be positive to use language that indicates that you are willing to help them in order to benefit them or their cause. Everyone likes a win-win situation.

In a very similar question, Kiki Asked: “How do you deal with women who are ‘anti-feminist’ or should you not even bother?”

Anti-feminists scare me. It scares me that people don’t realize that just because a problem doesn’t affect them personally, it definitely affects the world as a whole. And, *women, in this respect, should see each other as sisters, and want the best for all of us.

Start small. Someone who is clearly anti-feminist might not realize what feminism really is, and hearing about how feminism changed YOUR life will make them either tune out or judge you REAL fast. Although their opinion shouldn’t really matter, if you have you deal with this person, it is beneficial for them to understand where you’re coming from. Maybe start a light-hearted conversation about issues you care about. If by the end they’re really not getting it, and you’re starting to get heated, take a break and leave it alone. Somethings are worth it but once it starts messing with your mojo, it’s bad news bears.

Disclaimer: this advice is coming from us because we’re awesome and have strong opinions. By no means are they the ONLY answers for you.

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