Baby Boy Windsor

Last week, Britain was painted blue. Finally, the day we’d all been waiting for since those tense days in December had arrived: Kate Middleton had been delivered of a beautiful baby boy. The joy, perhaps most seen on the news reporters who were pixelated at having something to report finally, was unbounded. British newspapers have made a killing selling exclusive photo books of his one outing — and the first official royal wave, whilst news channels have run and rerun old Royal video footage which they analyze and then stipulate predictions on the child’s upbringing to come.

What can we expect of the Kate and Will’s parenting? Will the Middletons be consulted? What does the Queen think? The day following the big announcement, OK! Magazine ran a cover depicting Kate’s new diet plan to lose her baby weight. The. Day. After. The poor woman, who had obviously been blow-dried to the nines in order to appear in front of the press, who must be given huge kudos for gliding down those stairs in heels with baby in arms, had just gone through one of the most public and stress-inducing pregnancies to produce a wonderful heir…and we were still not satisfied.

No, we needed to know how she’s going to lose that weight and how long it’s going to take her to do it. We needed to know her birthing plan, and her minute-by-minute dilations. We are already going to take her son and claim him as our own (which granted we did also with her husband and her brother-in-law), could we not give her a little longer to come to terms with the next giant step in her life?

I’ve waited to write this article because of all the backlash I read from the birth announcements online. Whilst I do appreciate that not everyone was brought up in the same Royalist conventions I was, the amount of ignorance and pure “use anything for a cause” astounded me. Look, I know we were all expecting a new Queen, but Kate did not disappoint/set-back the Feminist Movement by producing a male heir. Hell, if she brings him up to respect women’s rights and to vote for equality across all spectrums, we might even be better off with an heir who can bypass that glass ceiling. And what if she has a daughter next and George decides to abdicate? The boy’s history is not so set in stone as we would sometimes prefer to assume.

As for all the LGBT groups who are contesting the fact that it was an embarrassment for the child’s genitalia to be announced around the world when we don’t know which gender-alignment the child will have, nor the name it will choose for itself… Sometimes the standards of tradition are what hold a nation together. And whilst that may not be correct in the eyes of some, we must bear with this new generation of Royals as they navigate through their standing within a modern world as we must continue to do the same.

Besides, wasn’t that easel just too cute?!
At the end of the day, what do we really care? A lovely, beautiful couple was given a lovely, beautiful baby. Everyone is happy and healthy. Wills knows how to operate a car seat. Kate looks fantastic with baby weight or without. And the British Nation has yet another reason to hold a garden party and crack open that extra bottle of Pimms.
Welcome to the world Prince George of Cambridge, I say, I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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