MY Vagina’s Monologue

I have been seeing this guy for about three weeks. We get along great; he makes me laugh and we really connect in the bedroom. In other words, we have amazing sex. I had planned to stay at his place for the night. When it came time to canoodling, it was great, but he wouldn’t go down on me. I love getting head. And I didn’t get head. So obviously I said something.

“Why didn’t you give me head?”

I’m pretty blunt.

He got quiet. After some time, he said, “I don’t really know how to put this…”

Oh god, I thought.

“I don’t like your patch,” he said.

What. The. Fuck.

I looked at him, too angry and offended to really say anything. He went on to say that he wasn’t trying to be offensive, but he really didn’t like that I had so much hair on my vagina. I responded with “It’s my body and I will do what I want with it. I love my hair and you will respect that.”

He said he didn’t like putting his face into hair. He then had the balls to ask me to shave my vagina. HE ASKED ME TO SHAVE MY VAGINA.

At this point I was already putting my bra back on. He tried to compromise and tell me that we could shave our sex organs together. That made it worse. I was out in the next 20 seconds. Bye.

Why is this such an issue? Why does my vagina get no lovin’ because of her fluff? Why am I denied sexual pleasure because I do what I want with my body? WHY DOES MY PUSSY HAVE TO LOOK LIKE AN 8-YEAR OLD’S VAGINA IN ORDER FOR IT TO BE LICKED?

I will not change for anybody. This is my body, my temple, and no one will EVER tell me what to do with it.

4 thoughts on “MY Vagina’s Monologue”

  1. I feel like you shouldn’t have gotten so offended. Everyone has their own personal preferences and just because he suggested or asked you to shave doesn’t mean he’s a terrible person who disrespected your body. If I think if it the other way around and I was a male hooking up with a female I would prefer her to be shaved or trimmed, because that would just be my personal preference and what I like or find attractive. Whose to say had you kept dating him and had an actual discussion about how his words hurt you that he wouldn’t have come around eventually? And if not, who cares? Some people like what they like and shouldn’t be expected to have the same opinion as you in every aspect of life.

    1. Ha ha. What a stupid conversation! Kick any guy to the kerb if he doesn’t love you and wants to simply use you for sex anyway! What morons you are!

  2. If this blog is now considered “feminism” and this boy’s commentary is “Misogyny” and “institutional sexism” in the 21st Century, count me out on this beguiled utopia. I have heard such commentary before of “I like getting oral sex, and that jerk would not give it to me.” Those people are called Frat Boys and rapists. To me it sounds like you are just part of the entitlement generation who thinks the universe revolves around you and your sense of self at every moment. Sexism is about real things that involve real issues that impact your life, not about whether or not a boy was willing to go down on you based on your personal hygiene. Hair traps smells on the vulva, the scrotum, and armpits which is one of (which there are many other based on social pressures) the reasons why many women and men chose to shave/trim. I would not call a partner a bad person for not wanting to go sniff the toilet after I went to the bathroom. In the same way, do not try to hide behind a feminist guise when a man says he does not want his nose in your potential “stink hair” and communicated honestly about his feelings.

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