Thank You, Wendy Davis, You Lil’ Hottie

Senator Wendy Davis, you are a badass.

Thank you for saying “fuck this” to the Texas abortion bill, which would make pregnancy termination illegal in Texas after 20 weeks.  Thank you for speaking for 13 hours to fight for the rights of Texas people with uteri.  Thank you for realizing that the right of a person to have jurisdiction over her own body is important.  Thank you for fighting against cis men who think that they can force people (namely women, but some trans*men and genderqueer folk, too) to carry unwanted fetuses.  Your filibustering is awesome.

No breaks, no food, no sitting, no peeing?  No problem!  You’ve got it under control, and that’s so cool.

You’re a strong, resilient woman, so when I see shit like this, I get a little pissed off:

Yep.  The most commonly paired word along with your name is “hot.”  Because, I mean, screw the fact that you’re enduring 13 hours of fighting for something for which we shouldn’t even have to fight for anymore (and the fact that this bill is violating the ruling in Roe v. Wade); you’re just so attractive!

I’m really annoyed with the Internet right now.  Your accomplishments do not deserve to be undercut by the fact that people happen to find you attractive.  Your battle against the patriarchy does not deserve to be mocked like this.  Thank you for remaining strong despite the fact that much of the world is full of shitheads who think you don’t deserve to be taken seriously.  You do deserve respect.

Most importantly, though, thank you for speaking on behalf of those people who might be too scared to say anything themselves.

I watch the live news coverage of your filibuster.  I see you rocking those pink sneakers like the awesome fighter you are.  I see all of those congressmen crowding the podium, waiting for their opportunity to put in their two cents as to why you should be silenced–as to why your right to free reign of your body (and many other Texans’ right to theirs) is less important than their desire to protect a clump of cells.

I’d be terrified.

I could not handle so many people trying to tell me that what I had to say wasn’t important.  I could not handle so many people picking over tiny details–like going “off topic” briefly–to get me to shut up.  I could not handle so many people doing everything in their power to take away mine.  The patriarchy is fucking scary, and with that much pressure on me, I’d probably feel intimidated.

So thank you again, Texas Senator Davis.  Thank you for being so brave.  Thank you for battling oppression, especially when the oppressors are in large numbers, and scary as hell.

You go.

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