Train Stories – Episode 3

A familiar face in the train. A council member from my town. I know you and your fake smile at council meetings.
Saying how “the youth has rights” and yet when you ask me or our youth council president a question, I can see
the information going in from the other ear and right out from the other one.

You are obviously off duty and therefore you may let your horrible topics come out. Stereotypical politician. Never
standing on what you believe in. Act like you preach – yeah, as if. High on moral as long as no one else important
notices what you talk on your free time.

Today’s subjects are about how bunnies fucked in her backyard and how she took a video and is now showing it to her friend. Classy.

They’re on a booze-hunting trip to Estonia. A very normal procedure in Finland. We go to Estonia to buy cheap booze.
Of course, we’re all alcoholics up here anyways. Not like we should think for a second how ridiculous it is that we go to
another country, act like a bunch of assholes to the natives and leave with packs and packs of alcohol.

Her friend slips out a bottle out of her purse and takes a sip. Which is, by the way, not allowed in trains but who cares,

One day people will truly see how you are.

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