Train stories – Episode 2

Four kids. Grandma, Mom and her two kids, with her brother and his two brats.

But her brother. Single parent dad, frustrated to the max. He is one of those kinds of parents that will inflict his own bad mood onto his
kids because he obviously never tried to think how they feel about situations. They’re just kids, god. It doesn’t help that you
took them to an amusement park today if you’ve been acting like a bastard towards your young ones the entire day.
You’re unhygienic. Your shoulder has a winter theme  going on with all that dandruff. I don’t care if you could
hear all my thoughts in my head because sir, if I knew better I’d think you’re a pedophile. I’ve always had a hard time
being nice to bad parents. EW, don’t you dare wink your eyes at me. He makes me and the rest of his family feel uneasy.

He cracks a joke. It’s shit. But everyone laughs uneasily because they seem to be afraid of not finding him funny. I bet
you’re abusive.

I hope someone finds out your secret soon.

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