Train Stories

I used to travel a lot by train back in Finland, and I like to observe. When you look and follow a person long enough, you learn a lot about the person. I have a wild imagination, and I decided once that I should just type about people I observe during a trip. And I realized: I’m a very cynical person.

I always wanted to think that I saw the best in people, but when I just started typing, I kept seeing everyone’s flaws and created sick background stories to these people. In a way while trying to learn more about other people I learned a lot about myself. How I honestly feel about strangers around me and how far can my mind wander with small facts.

I’m a regular girl from a normal family with me and my parents who have been together for 25 long years. They never taught me these disgusting and harsh thoughts. But what I know is that I was taught at a very young age to avoid strangers (especially men). If I don’t know the guy, I will automatically think you will either possibly rape me or just somehow disgrace me. Why? Seeing as I’m a young girl I can be ‘easily’ violated. People have stopped trusting in the good of others, and I, unfortunately, can’t blame them.

You see the news. Most of them are either about murders / wars ( I took links from today’s paper to show how they’re there every day) or famous people. We get rarely any good content in media to boost up the fact that people are good as well. Are we mostly good or mostly evil?

Bombings in Boston(Photo taken from:, credit AP.)

War in Syria (Photo: CNN)

There are articles about this topic. But I find it hard to come up with an general presumption of are we good or bad. All I know is that I have to try twice as hard to find my good side when it comes to thoughts about other people but I would never hurt a soul on purpose. Therefore, am I good or bad? Are the things I fight for good or bad? We all believe in something – so why am I and my opinions any more right that someone else?

I might pop a few train/or now bus stories (because of the the fact that Malta has no trains) to see if my thoughts can turn for the better. I want to stop being so cynical about the world around me.

The world hasn’t turn more evil in the past years like a lot of us like to think. Media thanks to technology and fast spreading news and easy communication just highlights the negativity in this world. I’m sure you won’t find my stories on people that special because unfortunately badmouthing people is a norm.

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