Girls Just GOTTA Have Fun

Sophia Grace first stole my heart when I saw her performing Super Bass by Nicki Minaj on YouTube. This girl danced, sang and wore loads of pink all the way to The Ellen Degeneres Show. She released a new music video (seen above) for her latest original single “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun.”  Sophia Grace and her best friend, hype girl and cousin, Rosie have really overdone it with sheer perfection on this one. Here are some reasons why I fully support watching this video on repeat and will add this track to my iPod:

  • Pink cars, tiaras and no shame. So often, little girls are told that princesses aren’t actually powerful and that only “girly-girls” can wear loads of pink. Sophia Grace is reigning, but is definitely not short on fierceness. I believe that her confidence and determination overrides any gendered understanding of power. She already has a better resume than most college graduates! Just search her on YouTube, and you’ll see!
  • “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun” with their girls. The video is so girl positive that my misandry was squealing with glee. A boy wants to dance with Sophia, and she’s just like “I’m dancing with my girls so NO, you’ll get your turn.” There are so many different positive images of women, some that even include men, but I think it’s really important to instill the power of female friendships at a young age so they know that they can build a positive, estrogen driven, support system.
  • If someone knocks it to you, knock it right back. In the video, Sophia is trying to enjoy some time with her girls at a party, and these two boys throw some food at her. Instead of just accepting the lame excuse “boys will be boys” or “when boys are mean to you, that means they have a crush on you,” Sophia gives them the same treatment. She brings a pie right back to that boy’s face. She will not tolerate being treated anything less than she deserves, and that’s a lesson that all princesses around the world should be learning.
  • Ode to the hustle. My favorite part of the entire song is the rap. Sophia rhymes about Rosie, Ellen and Nicki, and how they helped her get to the top. She includes them in the princess crew. Obviously, she has not forgotten the other powerful women who have made this song happen. I also think it’s rare that a young child would include an open lesbian and a person of color, but that’s what, essentially, makes her crew so strong. It’s diverse, and full of women with backgrounds of working HARDER than most.

All in all, I’m 100% that Sophia Grace is my favorite Disney Princess. She’s teaching me lessons that I should have learned from Ariel, Aurora, and Cinderella. Songs on repeat this week? “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and “Girls Gotta Have Fun” by Sophia Grace.

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