Do You Like Me?

I made this trio of woodblock prints to explore my difficulties in relating to other people. I’m always convinced that I’m disliked by everyone around me–something that may be chalked up to years of girlhood bullying. I feel, much like the figure depicted, raw, naked, exposed, my head a dark vortex of worry and anxiety. Entering the world, every part of me bared like that, I’m wondering, “Do you like me?” My eyes flitting from face to face, desperate for approval.

But, despite my constant worries, I realize that I’m not alone in my social anxiety. It’s something that everyone experiences, especially every other 20 year old out there. The faces I can’t muster the guts to look at are probably feeling the exact same way, struggling to look me in the eyes. We’re alienating each other, afraid of being afraid. “You, like me.”

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