How to Be a Rebel Girl


You are the riot burning within your rrrebel heart.

Let your fiery upheaval of self-pride send out a smoke signal to the heavens,

beckoning each angel to grant you righteousness from now,

until beyond the grave.


Remind yourself how to be loved by endlessly loving yourself,

and then teaching the world how to do it, too.


Finger fuck your feelings.


You are worth more than your scars,

so stop keeping track of your bruises.

Instead, count the number of times you’ve turned yourself on.


Let your eyes revel in the glory of your 15-second messy bun,

sitting on top of your head like a crown,

reigning you queen of everything beneath it.


When in doubt,

buy that sexy alien costume and wear it out to lunch on a hot day in July;

in order to teach strangers about giving into your subconscious need for attention.


Allow yourself to love your “guilty pleasures”

and then don’t feel guilty about them,

because we’re all weirdos, we all enjoy being pleasured,

and it would be masochistic to oppress yourself the same way

that society is always oppressing you.


Being femme and flawless is a conscious human decision

and a subjective standard of beauty,

so if you want to be a bitch princess,

let your stereotypical dyke-flag fly.


Believe in the power of your unique, majestic beauty,

but also know that your power is so much more than that.


Let your tongue be the razor blade reminding your body that you are alive,

even when your brain feels dead.


Make your own rules and break them constantly,

until the rules are just guidelines;

which you’ve learned by rote from watching SLC Punk,

on repeat, from the second you turned 15,

until the moment you realized that Trish wasn’t just a romantic interest;

she was symbolic of a lifestyle you were born to lead.


Be the rrriot burning within your rrrebel heart,

letting the fiery upheaval of rrradical self-love smoke up the world,

until each oppressor is on their knees,

begging for clearer air.

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Published by

Rose Water Magazine

Rose Water Magazine is a creative collective where writers, artists, and thinkers educate on intersectional feminism. Feminism helps support all genders, bodies, sexuality, and the human ability to choose and exert their willpower. It's imperative, even for those who don't want to identify as feminist, to understand the importance of a movement dedicated to a broad sense of equality. Rose Water Magazine is hoping that our commentary can trickle down to our readers and community to teach the importance of humanity and social justice.

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