To Shave, or Not to Shave?

Women are constantly bombarded by TV and magazine ads that glorify these shiny, hairless legs that belong to goddesses that only exist behind a screen. We are constantly told that shaving makes us beautiful.

I do not shave my vagina.

I used to, I admit. I shaved my vagina, my legs, and my armpits because that’s what I thought boys liked. I started shaving my vagina in middle school, after my friends made fun of me because I had a “bush”. Embarrassed by these so-called friends of mine, I got rid of it the following day.

There was a time before I had real confidence in myself and before I respected my body. I’m not saying that shaving is equivalent to self-hatred — what I am saying is that shaving does NOT make you more or less beautiful. It’s your body, and the most beautiful thing is that you get to decide what to do with it.

I started letting my pussy hair grow in about 2 years ago, after being in the Vagina Monologues. I read a monologue about this woman who refused to shave her vagina for her husband. I had been with so many people who had preferred a hairless vagina. I began the journey into the hairiness. And it was the best decision I have ever made. I feel more of a woman than I ever have, because I made the decision about MY vagina. I did not do this for someone else’s pleasure.

There is a lot of discussion around the issue of shaving. I’ve heard you can’t be a feminist if you shave. WTF. If you shave your legs, great. If you don’t shave your legs, great. Shaving has nothing to do with what you believe in. It’s about preference and personal choice. There’s this horrible misconception having smooth legs will get you the partner you want. Having no hair will make you more attractive. WRONG.

Why was I so worried that no one would like me if I didn’t shave? If someone does not like me because of the hair on my pussy, do I really want them? The answer is no. They probably suck. It is my body, I will do what I want with it, and no one else really gets a say in that. I refuse to change my body to someone else’s standard of beauty. If I shave, I am beautiful. If I don’t shave, I am beautiful.

I was once in a sexual relationship with a man (we were just having sex, which is a completely different issue to be discussed), and he refused to give me head because of my fluff. That was the end of that. On the other hand, I had a girlfriend for some time who really didn’t care whether I had hair or not. The first time we had sex I was scared she wouldn’t want to pleasure me because of my hair. But it didn’t even phase her. I was recently having sex with a man who LOVED my hairy vagina. Maybe it was because he also didn’t shave. Maybe not. Is this a difference between men and women, or just a personality difference? Hard to tell.

So what am I really getting at? Shave, don’t shave-WHO THE FUCK CARES? It’s your body, your life. Your legs, your armpits, your pussy!

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