“Pro-Life Protestors” Listen Up!

Abortion Protest

Today I am speaking to you on a very deep and personal level, as a woman. Some of you may know very well that Abortion is a legal procedure which involves the termination of an unwanted pregnancy. But not all abortion procedures are the same. I have taken the liberty of putting together a list of some different and varying reasons that women go through with performing abortions:

  1. Not being able to support or sustain another life.
  2. Not wanting to put an unborn child in the foster care system.
  3. To prevent a child from being born with birth defects in which they would never be able to lead a normal, self sustaining, and/or functioning life.
  4. Pregnancy due to rape or incest.
  5. Being pregnant with a child which is already dead (stillborn).
  6. Endangerment to the mother stemming from the pregnancy where side effects may include death.
  7. The child is unwanted.

As we can all see the list is not exhaustive. Since every woman is unique, there are and will always be many different reasons why women decide to perform this procedure. This is a very deep and emotional experience for some women, and for others, it is a very detached and easy decision. Either way, if a woman decides that SHE, as the sole controller of her own actions and her own body, would like to have an abortion, then YOU have no right to get in her way. Just because you, personally, do not approve the concept does not make it your business to invade another woman’s private decision regarding her own body and her own life.

As the Supreme Court Case determined in 1973 with the case “Roe v. Wade,” abortion is a legal medical procedure based on the Constitutional right to privacy. So please, next time you decided to “protest” outside of a Planned Parenthood Clinic, respect this inherent and constitutional right to privacy that American women fought a long and hard battle to attain.

With this said, some Pro-Life activists feel it is their duty to “protect” women from the aftermath of an abortion procedure which is believed to include induced feelings of depression and suicide. The National Abortion Federation has posted on the first page of their website the following quote, “The American Psychological Association has concluded that there is no scientifically valid support or evidence for the so-called ‘post-abortion syndrome’ of psychological trauma or deep depression. The most frequent response women report after having ended a problem pregnancy is relief, and the majority of women are satisfied that they made the right decision for themselves.” (source) So if you want to save something, save this excuse because no one is buying it.

The next time a Pro-Life advocator protesting outside of a Planned Parenthood or Abortion Clinic uses this as a reason to justify the abuse and inhumane behavior they display towards women entering the clinics, please remember what a fellow feminist, Margret Sanger, once said, “No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother.” The same way a strange women does not get in the way of your choice to conceive, please do not get in the way of another woman’s choice to abort.

If you feel the need to educate yourself further, take a look at the following links:

  • Pro Life Protester Talking to Upset Father: here
  • Facts About Abortion: here

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