It’s Your Hair


4 thoughts on “It’s Your Hair”

  1. Love this! I’ve had a pixie for a little while and I think everyone thought that I was “giving up” or letting go of my femininity or something weird like that. It’s funny because my husband actually prefers it short, and I get more compliments on it from strangers than I ever did when it was long. I’m actually thinking of growing it out again but not because I am “supposed to have long hair as a woman”. I’ve just had it short for so long that I’m ready for a change.

  2. I went from having very “feminine”, long, brown hair to pixie cut, bright red hair in college. I went to a state school and was going through a very angry ‘punk’ phase at the time so I always looked angry, and this steered most ignorant comments away, hahaha. But a few people did automatically assume that I was gay and were unreasonably surprised when I mentioned my boyfriend. I felt really empowered by that hair, though, and I’ve longed to have the guts to go back to that length for some time now. Thanks for this, it’s awesome!!!!!!

  3. This is especially true for Black women who put dangerous chemicals (relaxers) on girls as young as three just to achieve that long flowy Eurocentric beauty standard for hair. Not to mention those chemicals will leave you bald in the long run, so next is weaves…and then you have a Naomi Campbell mess on your hands.

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