Sharpen your tongue.

Dear Angry Feminists, Flaming Homosexuals, Fellow Outliers, and Persecuted Minorities,

Sharpen your tongue.

You see, my best friend and roommate of a year and a half recently found Jesus. Hallelujah! Never mind that I am a godless heathen homosexual. Nonetheless, hallelujah! At first, I looked at him like he had three heads. How could he, a biology major of above average intelligence decide now, in the pit of sin we call SUNY Albany, to become a Christian? Do you not realize that this is the organization that condemns birth control and thinks that I, your beloved gay roommate, is a hopeless sinner? How do you expect me to make you dinner when the God you pray to thinks that I am an abomination? You fool.

But wait a minute. This is the United States of America, God damn it! To be clear, I do not mean that in the bible belt, redneck sense of the phrase. I mean that in the bleeding-heart liberal sense of the phrase. No wait, I actually mean it exactly as it sounds: This is the United States of America. You see, one night I was reading Atlas Shrugged and my roommate was reading the Bible. Eventually, an hour of silent focus was interrupted by rumbling stomachs.

“Do you want to get barbecue?” he asked.

“Of course.” I answered.

Full of pork and beer, we later realized the staggering beauty of what had just happened. A Christian and an Atheist Homosexual were living together in relative harmony (I wish he would do the dishes a bit more), and we had just gone on a man date.

So we talked and debated and yelled, and then we went grocery shopping. We argued and both of us refused to back off an inch, and then I drove him to class.

I don’t want to preach, but I will say this: American Pluralism is a beautiful thing. Truly it is a revolutionary idea that the two of us could live together.

More importantly, my roommate and I only really began to appreciate one another when we debated. I found so much more respect for him when he had the courage to be both intelligent and Christian. He became friends with a former convict and drug dealer who now spent his weekends donating his time to the needy. Hallelujah indeed!

I say build a mosque in the One World Trade Center. I think that both Muslims and Christians are (almost completely) flat-out wrong, and I want to buy them coffee and talk it over. I want them to see me as more than a sinner, even if they think I’m hopeless. So sharpen your tongues, argue and debate, and see if you can get someone to stop and think, and maybe you will do the same.

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